Monday, June 9, 2008

How to make Repository Factory supported in VS 2008?

I believe this has been an issue to alot of developers that have used to build the data access layer using Repository Factory for the past years using VS 2005. Unforturenately, Microsoft has shown no more interest in upgrading the current package to support VS 2008 and .net 3.0 above.

However, the community has taken alot of test to move it to VS 2008. I wish to give a big thank to 2 developers who have provided us a workaround, Jose Escrich and Noel Anderton!

Noel Anderton 's piece
"So we have taken the Source for the Guidance and opened in vs2008 this updated the guidance to vs2008 projects with out incident. We made sure we had the VS 2008 Guidance package for creating guidance packages installed and enabled the package. We then ran the Register guidance recipe which successfully registered the Repository Package Guidance. We opened another version of VS2008 and used the repository guidance to create a solution.. Great. So we tried the installer. We updated the registry paths in the launch conditions of the set up project and after unregistering in vs the guidance package we ran the installer. The installation was ran without error but when we attempted to use the repository guidance package we could not enable it. It did not show up. "

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Jose Escrich's piece
To achieve that you must add/change some arguments in all the custom actions as follow:

/Hive=9.0 /Configuration="[TARGETDIR]MyGP.xml"

the argument that you have to change is /Hive=9.0 and also you can specify something like /Hive=9.0Exp /RANU in case that if you want to register the guidance package into the experimental hive and RANU mode. Note that changes applies just for the installer so, if you want to change the registration hive in design time, that's when you register a GP through Visual Studio, you have to add under the GuidancePackage element a HostData child element as follow:

the above content can be found in


Daniel said...

I got the msi for vs2008 from the person running this blog -

Daniel said...

here's the actual link to the post about repository factory for vs2008

Chris Par said...

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for the update! I believe a lot of us are waiting for this!